While many things are important, trust is a critical ingredient for success.

The vast amount of data constantly emerging online makes it challenging to verify its authenticity in today’s fast-paced world. The world needs a solution to build trust and confidence in digital interactions. Our robust system fosters trust and simplifies data verification through a secure, verifiable ecosystem.


How EveryCRED Works

Verifiable credentials (VCs) tied to unique EveryCRED “evrc” Decentralized Identity (DID) methods establish trust in the digital world. Trusted entities issue these credentials securely, and holders claim and own them. EveryCRED public verifiers authenticate VCs, ensuring trust and fostering a secure digital ecosystem.

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Discover EveryCRED Trust Method


The EVRC Decentralized Identifier (DID) method offers a secure and reliable way to manage digital identities. It protects your information with strong security, works well with different systems, and lets you control your data. This builds trust for businesses and users, making credentials safer and more trustworthy. EVRC DID is perfect for industries like finance, healthcare, and e-commerce that need strong identity verification.

Blockchain functions as a plain and obvious point of truth and we employ the power of Blockchain Technology and make sure that your credentials are stored tamper-proof and safe, secure, and transparent in an unbreakable chain.

We provide various options of credentials to verify including Bills, Identity cards, Documents, Certificates, Degrees, and many more, making EveryCRED your one-stop solution.

Services and Provides

Flexibility. Customization. Easy Integration

EveryCRED is your one step seamless solution for issuing and verifying credentials with a wide range of services and customized solutions for various industries.

Smooth Verification Process for Trustworthiness

The one-click verification process streamlines verifications, fostering trust and transparency between organizations and candidates. It simplifies a traditionally cumbersome process, revolutionizing verification procedures.

APIs Integration

Open standard REST APIs enable easy integration with existing applications to simplify the development process and make it easy to leverage the benefits of EveryCRED within their existing systems.

Custom Solutions for Business Success

Freedom to customize your profiles, QR code, Email Branding, subjects, landing page themes and many more to develop a strong branding and building trust.

A Versatile Solution for Real life Applications

Our solution is versatile enough to fit any industry from private, supply chain management to public sector all around the world. We are not bound to providing verifiable credential to limited industries.

circle Public Sector
Store and manage public records such as Identity card, birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificate, and property leads in a safe digital wallet.
circle Education
Issue and verify certificates for various educational programs such as degrees, certificates, professional development courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences.
circle Healthcare
Issue and verify medical credentials such as licenses, certification, and continuing education credits and also store and manage patient health records such as medical history, lab results, treatment plans.
circle Agriculture
Track the journey of agriculture from seeds to products Such as organic, Fair Trade, quality control to ensure authenticity and provide transparency to the consumers.
circle Supply Chain
Issue verifiable credentials at each stage of the supply chain, from raw materials to finished products to ensure authenticity, quality standards, environmental regulations, and if the products are ethically sourced and produced or not.
circle Finance
Reduce the time and cost by verifying digital identities of customers for various uses such as loan applications, Know Your Customers (KYC) and more.
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By the numbers

The Future of Verifiable Credentials:


Verifiable credentials issuers has grown in past year


Organizations are planning to implement verifiable credentials in the next two years.


Verifiable credentials is expected to be issued by 2025

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