Trust Credentials
The Power of Trust Credentials in Digital Interactions
Trust Credentials are vital digital records that need verification to maintain integrity. They include certificates, identities, documents, supply chain details, records, bills, licenses, and more. Authenticating these credentials is key for trust in digital transactions.

Why It is important in today’s life

Implement Merkle proof security in credentials

Enable off-chain verification with proof validation

Include Issuer, Subject, and Holder DIDs in credentials

Set expiration dates for credentials

Retain your credential file securely

Protect data integrity from tampering and fraud

Generate W3C compliant Verifiable Credentials

Customize Your Credentials Theme to Suit Your Preferences
Tailor the design and layout of your credentials to match your brand or personal style.
Incorporate logos or special graphics that enhance the visual appeal of your credentials.
Ensure consistency with your overall brand image across all credential designs.
Collaborate with our design team to create unique and eye-catching credential themes.
Securely Manage and Share Credentials with JSON
EveryCRED provides a streamlined and secure way to manage and share your credentials. By sharing the JSON of your credentials, you can present verifiable information easily and confidently.
Seamless Integration: The JSON format allows for easy integration with various platforms and systems, enabling smooth verification and usage of your credentials.
Transparency and Trust: Sharing the detailed JSON structure ensures transparency, showcasing all the relevant details such as issuer, issuance date, credential subject, and proof of authenticity.
Enhanced Security: The inclusion of Merkle proofs and advanced cryptographic signatures guarantees the security and integrity of the credentials, preventing tampering and fraud.
Interoperability: Following W3C standards, the credentials can be easily verified and trusted across different applications and services, promoting interoperability.
Enables Secure Transactions: Utilizes robust cryptographic techniques to secure credential sharing and verification.
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