Start with Verification, Lead with Confidence

Start your journey with secure verification. Our verifier ensures trust and resolves EVRC DIDs for confident decision-making

EveryCRED Verifier Portal: Enhance Your Verification Process

Customize verification to suit your needs, seamlessly integrating with your systems and branding.
Track verification activity and gain data-driven insights to optimize your workflows.
Gain complete confidence in the validity of credentials before making critical decisions.
Experience fast and efficient verification processes.
Enjoy full visibility into each step of the verification process.
Save valuable time with our one-click verification process.

Instant Credential Verification with One- Click

Ease your verification process with our one-click credential authentication. Simply click to verify credentials swiftly and securely, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your operations

list Instantly verify credentials using a unique identification number
list Quickly verify credentials by scanning a QR code
list Easily upload and verify EveryCRED Credentials
list Resolve EVRC Method DID of Holder, Issuer, or Subject


View detailed information about every credential you hold


Verify by Credentials ID

Authenticate credentials swiftly and accurately by entering the unique credentials ID, ensuring seamless verification.


Verify Credentials by QR

Instantly authenticate credentials by scanning the QR code, providing a quick and convenient verification process.


Upload Credentials to Verify

Easily upload credentials for verification through our secure portal, ensuring efficient and thorough authentication.


Resolve Holder EVRC DID

Resolve EVRC DIDs associated with the holder for comprehensive verification, enhancing trust.


Resolve Issuer EVRC DID

Resolve EVRC DIDs associated with the issuer to validate the authenticity of credentials, ensuring trust and reliability.


Resolve Subject EVRC DID

Resolve EVRC DIDs associated with the subject for comprehensive verification, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of credential information.

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